The <nav> tag

Stick a bunch of <a>'s inside a <nav> to create a pretty navbar, as seen above.

The <ul> & <li> tag

You can create beautiful lists using ul's and li's in plain HTML... just like you're used to.

The <h1> tags

Here's an h1.

Here's an h2.

Here's an h3.

Here's an h4.

Here's an h5.
Here's an h6.

The <blockquote> and <cite> tags

A very intelligent wizard once said...

anti.css is the ONLY CSS framework you should use.

Intelligent Person, 2020

The <form>, <label>, & <input>'s

The <table> tags

anti.css supports many HTML tags, and we're always adding more. Create an issue on GitHub if you have HTML tags you'd like to see added to anti.css.

Code Blocks<pre>Supported!

Here's a random pic tagged #cat for good luck. Look how nice anti.css makes it look.

Random Cat Photo from